Company’s Vision

“SPAN is a place where employees thrive and create
high quality products that consistently exceed our customer expectations”.

SPAN Vision

SPAN’s Core Values

High Octane and Zealous Employees

  • Hard work, occasionally burning midnight oil, to get things done.
  • Camaraderie and celebrating success together matter.
  • Employees empower and respect each other, take risks, face challenges and grow together.
  • Resilience and Perseverance are the buzzwords at SPAN.

Obsession to Improve Customer Experience

  • Create speedy, high quality, secure & sustainable solutions that wow our customers.
  • Build Trust with every interaction.
  • Empathize with the customers.

Technology is Everything to us

  • Embrace, adapt and evolve with the new and upcoming.
  • Learn. Experiment. Innovate. It’s okay to fail.
  • Be Scientific. Think! Ask the right questions.

Process - Operational Excellence is Sacrosanct.

  • Plan, make a list and ruthlessly prioritize.
  • Start small, demand feedback, iterate, and scale.
  • Continuous Delivery with working software as a measure.

Win with Integrity

  • Live by our values not by our circumstances even when the burden is great.
  • Individual performance is essential and valued; but never at the expense of the team.
  • Transparency and Trust in what we do with our customers, partners and employees.

Our Roadmap to Success

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